Fusion Point Trio is a project of the St.-Petersburg pianist Kirill Sokirko. Fusion Point Trio continues the tradition of chamber music in a trio format, which does not so much define the number of performers as the instruments used – piano, bass, and drums.

The musicians work between several sub-genres, including modern-jazz, classical crossover, smooth-jazz , jazz-rock and even some older genres like cool, be-bop, and mainstream/swing. However, some critics would say the band's style is better described as modern-jazz.

Despite the various styles inherent in their compositions, Fusion Point’s music mainly centers around melodicism, with a sharp definition of musical form. This underscores their background in classical music, and makes their arrangements more accessible and transparent, while the improvisation so characteristic of jazz takes secondary importance. The concept of each composition is to be arranged in such a way to be accessible to most listeners. At the same time, the public’s reaction to the music helps the musicians grow and to set new priorities when working on material. The direction of Fusion Point’s music has been influenced by a number of bands, such as Esbjorn Svensson Trio, Hiromi Uehara, Michel Petrucciani, Niacin, Marcus Miller, and many others.

Fusion Point Trio is:

Kirill Sokirko  -  piano, comp.
Roman Zastavnyi  -  bass
Roman Smirnov  -  drums