Dressing Room

The band should be provided with a dressing room that can be locked with a key, and the key must be provided to the manager of the Fusion Point trio by the time the musicians arrive at the concert venue. The dressing room must be in the same building as the stage, at a distance easily accessible from the stage, and accessible from the stage without passing through the concert hall. The dressing room should be equipped with a mirror, chairs, hangers, costume rack or hooks, soap, towels, toilet and a sink with running cold and hot water. If dressing room does not have a toilet and sink, the organizers must provide a private bathroom in close proximity containing a toilet and a sink with running cold and hot water.

The Concert Rider – Minimum Requirements

• Acoustic grand piano, tuned (440 Hz) and adjusted.
Acceptable brands: Steinway & Sons, Bösendorfer, Fazioli, Bluthner, August Förster, Boston or similar.
• Active acoustic systems, 1,000 watts min.
Acceptable brands: "Yamaha", "JBL" or similar.
• FOH: 30 channels minimum. 4-band EQ on each channel.
Acceptable brands: "Soundcraft", "Allen&Heath", "Klark Tekhnik", "Yamaha" or similar.
• Grand piano bench .
• 1 mic (on stand) for pianist.
• 2 music stands (bass, drums).
• Bass: combo or cabinet (4x10). Acceptable brands: "Ampeg" , "SWR", "GK", "Markbass" , "Phil Jones" , "Aguilar" , "Trace-Elliot" , "Epifani" , min. 350 W. Chinese-made amplifiers and cabinets are unacceptable.
• Drumkit. Acceptable brands: "Sonor", "Pearl", "Yamaha", "Tama","DW", "Gretsch".
    a) 1 snare - 14"
    b) 1 bass drum - 20" or 22"
    c) 2 toms - 10" and 12"
    d) 1 floor tom - 14" or 16"
    e) Drumheads. Acceptable brands: "Remo", "Evans",

    f) 6 stands. Snare -1, hi-hat - 1, crash/ride - 4
    g) One professional drum throne – must be height-adjustable and be in PERFECT working condition.
    h) 1 bass drum pedal. Acceptable brands: - "Pearl", "Yamaha",
"Tama", "DW"

    i) All drum equipment must be in excellent working condition with new drumheads. Cymbals stands should have sleeves, felt washers and wing nuts. The 10" and 12" toms must be able to be mounted on the bass drum. The floor tom must have legs and not be attached to cymbal stands. The bass drum’s front head must have a hole in it for proper mic positioning. .
• 1 mic (on stand) for bass.
• A special set of mics for drums.
• A special set of condenser mics for the piano.
• Three (3) monitors, three (3) channels (bass+drums+piano).


• Hotel: four-star international standard (or better)
• Three (3) single rooms including full breakfast
• Lunch and dinner each day or meal expenses covered


The organizers will provide all local ground transport for musicians of the Fusion Point trio. The band will appear at the venue two hours before the start of the concert. During the sound check, neither the public nor persons not involved in the sound check are to be permitted in the concert hall. The equipment must be ready for the sound check as soon as the musicians arrive.